My journey to building a L3 Black Brant II


The Black Brant II has always been one of my favorite unmanned rockets. Over the years I have built and flown several of the Estes versions and currently still have one flying, as well as an un-built kit in reserve. 


As I moved forward into high power rocketry I started looking for a larger kit. There were a couple of them out there but I liked the Red Arrow Hobbies 38mm kit, it seemed to be made of better materials than the others.                                           
Some time ago Jim Green gave me a few 6" mailing tubes. They sat in the workshop just waiting for some inspiration. Then at one of our club meetings we held a swap meet/give away and John Coker gave me a beautiful fiberglass nosecone. It so happened that it looked just like a Black Brant cone and was a perfect fit to the 6" mailing it was obvious that I had to build a Black Brant II. Since my brother had just received his level 3 it was all the inspiration that I needed to build this as a 98mm Level 3 rocket.


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