Welcome to the Clay Brothers' Video Rocketry site. While this site started as a means of sharing our video rocketry explorations, it has grown to be a site covering the sport of rocketry in general.  

So how did all this video rocketry stuff get started?  Here's where the story begins. Ever since I flew an Estes Cineroc (movie camera rocket) back in the '70s I've wanted to return to recording the flight of a model rocket from the rocket itself.  It's exciting to see the ground pull away, the earth below spin gently,  the horizon grow. The Cineroc did this for the most part, built on the foundation of Super 8mm film.  Here's an example of what the Cineroc footage looks like.  

(2.9 mb DivX codec AVI)

This footage was shot with Mike Jerauld's Cineroc at NARAM 2000, on Vern Estes' property no less.

Note: I added audio from one of the Vidroc flights. 


Seeing as how Super 8  isn't a practical option these days, I decided to pursue a more contemporary recording media: video. Enter Vidroc (Video rocket or rocketry). The concept was actually quite simple -- develop a "low cost" remote video system and stick it in the nose cone of a model rocket. 

Here are some (5 year old) guidelines  for building your own Vidroc system. So much has changed I REALLY need to do a follow up article.

BUT until that happens, you can find out the latest video rocketry trends by asking a question to the...

Vidroc Email group: We talk about Video Rocketry techniques and post videos. Please sign up, all are welcome! Just go to http://www.egroups.com/group/vidroc and follow the instructions.