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What is with that name?? This started out as a PML Quantum Leap 3000 kit that  I made several modifications to.  I wanted to give it unique name so I thought and thought...well years ago Scott Bakula starred in a show called Quantum Leap and since (at the time of me building this rocket) he was now staring in Enterprise and therefore out in a "rocket ship" in space, well I decided to call it the U.S.S. Bakula.

The president of his fan club saw this picture and after relating the story of how it got its name and its spectacular flight to her, she printed a copy, sent it to Scott and he autographed it and mailed it back to me.

The U.S.S, Bakula made its one and only flight to date at XPRS 2004 and the video footage captured on that flight sparked a long and interesting debate.

To learn more about the U.S.S. Bakula visit videorocketry.com Here you will find the the famous fin flutter video, discussions,  and examination details after the flight.


The U.S.S. Bakula will fly again, hopefully at one of the AeroPac launches in 2008.