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What's it made of ??




I took 6" cardboard mailing tubes and gave them a double wrap of 5oz glass then a wrap of 3oz glass and as a sanding veil I used a EASYGLAS SOCK. This resulted in a very smooth and strong airframe. The fins are made of nomex honeycomb sandwiched in carbon fiber. The leading edges were cut out of white oak then glued to the fins. The fins were then mounted onto the motor tube and glassed in place. The motor tube fin assembly was then slid into the airframe and the tail cone was made with a support structure made of cut chop sticks then covered with 1/64th" birch plywood. A 3 layer carbon fiber tip to tip lay up was done on the fin can. All centering rings and bulkheads are Birch plywood. The nose cone is fiberglass as is the avionics bay/coupler.  I will be using an Altacc 2c and G-wiz MC as the electronics.