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Build Photos


All the parts are here!!                                         Assembling the honeycomb fins


Sanding the airframe                                                                         man that is smooth :)


Cutting slots in the airframe at Steve Wigfields' shop                                            All done!! the jig worked great!!


Fitting all the pieces together, now it is starting to look like a rocket!!


                                           Nice strong fiber reinforced fillets.                                          Here the motor tube is glued into the airframe. Since the slots went all the
                                      The fins are also glassed to the motor                                   way through the end of the airframe, I used metal rods clamped around
                                            tube but I forgot to photograph it.                                            the tube to get a good and tight glue/fit around the centering rings and fins


            I used chop sticks for support of the tail cone shroud which is 1/64th" plywood, then applied epoxy and taped the plywood cover in place.


           Here is the completed tail cone, other than a little filling to be done.                               Now it is really starting to look like a Black Brant II


It was now time to strengthen the fin can. After talking it over with several people I decided to do a 3 layer carbon fiber lay-up.

Each layer would cover more area until the final layer reached from tip to tip, then vacuum bag the whole shebang.

 Here are the  vacuum bagging photos


After I finished the bagging then the fun of sanding and filling has begun.......weeeeeeeee my favorite part!!!

I spread Bondo Glazing Putty (thinned with acetone) over the entire area.                        after the the sanding, most of the large low spots are filled.


Next is the final filler coat of West Systems and micro balloons.


Now it is time for painting...................