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Big Red

This was my next large project. The smaller prototype pictured here had 4 successful flights with various motors and nose weight combinations to fully test the  design. The larger version is 6" in diameter and stands just over 7' tall. It has 75mm motor mount. I chose to make it a single piece airframe thus making the dual deploy system a little more challenging. Its maiden flight was to be at XPRS 2007 but due to many issues that arose I had to scrub the flight. A long story, lets just say that the rocket gods were telling me not to fly.

During the off season I repaired and resolved all of the issues, gave it a proper paint job and Big Red made its debut flight at Mudrock 2008 instead.


It will be a dual deploy system and I am figuring out just how I want to accomplish that. I have purchased a Defy Gravity Tether that I may use, or I may just come up with my own idea.



Big Red Photo Gallery